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Anyway, I have a laptop and a desktop. The desktop is dedicated for editing only. What happens if you install but never activate? Does it act like a trial version, eventually forcing you to activate before it works again? Or, can I just never plug in my internet and continue using it? Greetings Joseph, interesting comment. Hope this helps. Hi Ron, a good question, thank you — and the answer is you can do it either way, no problem, whichever you prefer….

See this page about installing an upgrade without having the previous version on your computer.

Activate Adobe Photoshop CS5 Free Using Serial Key

Is this network wide or internet wide? IE, what if I run out of the house forgetting to shut down my CS and need to use it on the road. Is there anyway to remotely shut it down? Everything here is correct for CS5, both the normal edition i. Just click.

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CS5 is an amazing product and it is astonishing how cheap it is at, what, about euros for the Design Standard normal edition that students can buy. It would be absolutely crazy to try to rip it off, or otherwise try to get around the license, when the price is so ridiculously low. Hi Fatty , thank you for sharing your excellent observations here… And just add on to your conclusion: Not to mention all the risk of viruses, malware, trojans, etc if you try to find or install an unofficial copy.

I spent many hours trying to sort this out with the support desk and they eventually conceded and removed the limitation for my home installation. Does this also happen with CS5? Greetings EJ, terrific question. I have a Macbook Pro for school, my sister has an iMac at home, and I will be buying my own iMac for home use as well.

Will we be able to transfer activation between the two iMacs? It will be active on my Macbook Pro at all times but will the two of us be able to juggle activation between the two at home? If this question is at all confusing please let me know because I can see how it might be. Per the agreement, the software is licensed for your exclusive use, and not shared amongst a group of people on a group of computers.

If you need a volume license for more than one user on a group of computers, see the benefits and discounts available with the Adobe Volume Licensing Store. I wonder how in the world does Adobe know if another PC is running at the same time with CS5 running?? Must be the serial number of the software or the application sends something or pings adobe via the internet. Hi, I have the UK version of the CS5 Master Collection, and have just wiped my laptop before getting rid of it as it became too slow to run anything on.

Can i simply load the discs onto a new laptop? Alternatively, what could i do if i wished to sell it on as i have the PC version and really want to move to a Mac, which means buying the mac version :. Hello Kay, those are good questions. If you wiped your system or if your disk crashed without deactivating the software, then you may have lost one of your two activations.

Regardless, you can try installing the discs on your new system to see if the software will activate. If not, your best bet is to contact Adobe Customer Service to see if they can help out… Be sure to have any purchase-related information ready. In the meantime you can run the products in free trial mode for 30 days. You have already mentioned that only one instance can be used at a time. How about different programs within a suite. Can I lets say run Premiere on one machine and Photoshop on the other when buying the Master Collection? I would like to still be able to work in photoshop while I am rendering my videos.

I was browsing through the comments above and want to know if I have this correct… Say I am using photoshop on my Mac, then will he not be able to access it at the same time on his? Thanks for subscribing! Pinterest Buffer Reddit Gmail Subscribe. Comments 47 Leave a comment. Thank you, this is great.

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May 17th, at Who is the lucky winner of CS5 photoshop? May 18th, at Yes, this is true — as mentioned in the article and comments above, first you do the upgrade and then you do the crossgrade — and for fastest and most reliable results, all of it can be completed online. Just wanted to know if that is possible, or do I need a Mac-specific disc? The discs are specific for Windows or Mac OS.

Comments on “How to Move Adobe CC or CS6 Between Computers, or PC to Mac”, Page 2

However, for some other Adobe products that is true — notably Lightroom 3 and Photoshop Elements 9… those discs contain the installation packages for both platforms. So long as you have purchased the serial numbers for the operating system you want, you can just digitally download the product for either platform and enter your valid license key to permanently activate it. Though, I just got a Mac and was eager to try out the Adobe suite on it.

Adobe CS5 5 Master Collection Student Full Version

Before I had purchased CS5, I was told by an Adobe representative that I would be able to swap the software to a mac when the time has come. The time has come, and much to my dismay, I am not allowed to swap my software as CS5. So now my only choice is to upgrade to CS5. Please can someone shed some light on this disappointing discovery. So the challenge is that to do a crossgrade to change platforms, they need to send a new copy of the Creative Suite for the other operating system.

Since they no longer sell CS5 or earlier, the only new software they can send is Creative Suite 5. Best of luck. PS — One last note, for those who would like to make a Creative Suite 5 or 5. I currently have Adobe creative suite premium education version installed on a PC. I have all the discs, serial numbers, etc. I am looking at purchasing either a newer pc, my understanding is i just uninstall it from my pc and reinstall it onto my new computer or do i have to upgrade to the latest Cs5 version? My other thought is i would also rather buy a mac instead, through crossgrading im hoping i can get away with not having to purchase the full version but just upgrading to Cs5.

Hello David, thanks for your comments and the kind words. Your first two questions should be answered by the article above, so just to confirm:. You can move from PC to PC easily enough by following the steps given — deactivating, uninstalling, and then reinstalling and reactivating. The question I have is how to discover if the current installation of CS5 is considered my first activation, following an attempt to uninstall the software. I have successfully reinstalled CS5 Standard on my MacBook Pro, after trying for a very long time to uninstall it, following numerous crashes when attempting to open Bridge, Photoshop, etc.

It frequently only reported an error. Also ran Terminal commands sudo Install. Of course, it failed to open. It did give the message to download Application Manager. But even after the Application Manager installer was initialized, that failed to respond with anything more than a notice that I had encountered more errors. But your site also seemed to indicate that reinstalling CS5 might work. But now, with the software working, my question is whether I have lost one activation already?

How does one determine which activation is installed? Or should I leave well enough alone, now that CS5 is working? Thanks very much for your advice. My apologies for a long explanation.

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